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How To Keep Track of RDP “Inception.”

If you use RDP frequently in your daily work, then you’ve probably faced RDP “Inception” at some point – remote desktop within remote desktop within remote desktop ad nauseam. When you’re in three deep or more, things quickly get confusing.

This can be a big problem. For one, it’s annoying. But more importantly, this could lead to making a big mistake – say, getting mixed up and accidentally patching a production server, which has happened to me. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

Here’s an incredibly simple tip to keep your layers of RDP under control: Click and drag your RDP headers to reveal which other connections are currently active!

The below screenshot is what the RDP header looks like on your desktop:


I’m actually logged into two RDP sessions here, one within the other. But you’d never be able to tell from the image. And the IP address shown in the header does not belong to the current desktop. This is where confusion can set in.

The solution: Simply click and drag the header over to reveal the subsequent RDP layers.


Done! The root RDP session is shown as the top layer, while the subsequent sessions are overlapped.

So when you have RDP Inception going on, simply drag each header over in sequence. This will allow you to keep eyes on which desktop is currently logged into, and allows you to trace your steps.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but little things like this can be what separates a job well-done from a huge disaster. Save yourself some hassle get your RDP Inception under control!

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