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OPOLAR: Making Your Old Laptop Run Like New.

I have a relatively high-end ASUS laptop which I dropped nearly $2K on in 2009, the very first weekend I exited Basic Military Training. It was one of my best friends for many years – and it’s not a bad computer even 8 years later, still able to run everything I need it for. But … Continue reading

3 Tips for Passing your Network+ Exam.

Two years ago, I passed my CompTIA Network+ certification exam. It was the first tech certification I ever obtained, shortly before exiting the military. Time flies! I’ll be honest: it wasn’t my first attempt. I failed at the quiz once before passing the second time. Failing is never fun, but it did teach me how … Continue reading

How to Practice Good Password Security.

Think for a moment about how much your passwords protect. Facebook, bank account, e-mail… quite a bit right? You don’t want hackers or other crooks getting in. Your password is your bulwark against the scum and villainy of the cyberworld. Passwords, unfortunately, can be cracked. In fact, it is impossible to make a literally uncrackable … Continue reading

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