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Protecting Your “Internet of Things”

The WannaCry/Crypt attacks were a major wake-up call to the IT world that we are highly vulnerable when we’re careless. The ransomware attack should theoretically have failed, because the most recent Windows updates released a full month or two before the attack contained fixes which prevented WannaCry from working. So of course, in theory, everybody’s … Continue reading

WinDirStat: Free Tool for Disk Cleanup.

Disk space is a precious commodity, especially in the business setting. Everything can be moving along hunky-dory one day with hundreds of gigabytes of free space – only to scream to a dead stop weeks later as the hard limit is reached. Yikes! An obvious solution is to increase capacity – but is that always … Continue reading

3 Tips to Prevent Server Patching Disaster.

Server patching is a common task in the IT world. Those of us responding to the WannaCry/Crypt ransomware attack have done a lot of patching over the past few days, drilling the process into our heads. For the most part, the process is simple. However, small mistakes made during the patching process can spiral out … Continue reading

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