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outlook contactHello! My name is Austin Thomé, and I’m an Information Technology professional based in Dallas, Texas – currently working in competencies focused on user support, server/network administration, infrastructure planning/deployment, process improvement, and a healthy dose of client relations. I’ve worked previously in Network Operations, Sales, and as a meteorologist in the US Air Force – honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant (E5) after a 6-year enlistment. Certified in CompTIA A+/Network+ and ITIL Foundation.

The IT Pro Source is an opportunity to share what I’ve learned with other professionals and to encourage continued learning; this blog is just as much for my own education as it may be for anyone else. It’s my honor to provide you with relevant news and info that can increase your knowledge base and show you something new!

Any questions? Suggestions? Biting criticism? Make it known! I encourage you to connect with me on LinkedIn where all articles are re-posted.

Thanks again for visiting, and happy browsing!


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Austin Thomé

Austin Thomé

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