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3 Tips to Protect Against E-mail Spoofing.

I’ve seen a major uptick lately in e-mail spoofing attempts among my clients – mostly in which only the name is spoofed and not the actual e-mail address (example: from “Bill Gates” while sent from SillyPickelz@us34.net), but also some solid full spoofing attempts (in which both the name and e-mail look entirely legitimate to the … Continue reading

Why Isn’t My Password GPO Working?

I recently encountered a situation in which a client had a fully-featured password  Group Policy Object (GPO) being pushed – but I discovered that the policy was not being applied. The policy was linked and enabled, and was properly scaled to apply to user workstations and computers. Yet, users were not being required to adhere … Continue reading

How to Remove User Profiles in Windows 10.

When handing out a used workstation, either for a new user or to replace an existing user’s machine, it’s not uncommon for there to be a fossil record of old user profiles built up on the hard drive. This is something you want to avoid for at least two good reasons: Could compromise sensitive data. … Continue reading

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