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Azure AD Best Practices: Enable Azure Portal Timeout.

The Azure AD portal is sensitive – the last thing we want is for an admin to walk away from their computer and for a malicious actor to piggyback behind them. This is one of those scenarios that people think will never happen to their business – until it does! Thankfully, there is a very … Continue reading

Azure AD Best Practices: Restrict Azure AD Portal Access.

Run-of-the-mill Azure AD users will never need to access the actual Azure portal – but default settings do allow a certain level of access, which could allow them to see certain inforamation regarding other users and group membership that might put the organization at risk. To fix this, we can restrict portal visibility by normal … Continue reading

Azure AD Best Practices: Configure User App Consent.

Part of the 365 / Azure platform’s appeal is it’s ability to integrate with a wide array of useful 3rd-party apps. However, this comes with a dark side – users might download malicious apps and grant consent on behalf of the organization to access company data. The solution to this is to require admin consent … Continue reading

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