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3 Tips to Pass your Azure Fundamentals Exam.

I took the Azure Fundamentals exam (AZ-900) this morning and passed with flying colors. This test is the first foundational cert upon which all other Azure certs are built, so it’s a great (and necessary) place to start! Not overly expensive either, just $99. Also, this one can be done remotely – take that, Coronavirus! … Continue reading

3 Tips to Improve New User Onboarding.

New user onboarding; for many IT professionals, such a rote task that it almost doesn’t seem worth discussing. New hire, new user, new computer, new account, blah blah blah… It’s as if we’re discussing proposed improvements to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. How much more could there possibly be? The answer is, of course, … Continue reading

3 Tips for IT Pros to Stick the Landing.

“Sticking the landing” is a gymnastics term referring to not moving the feet after landing from mid-air. Any movement of the feet outside a very few predefined movements will result in lost points; which, in a gathering of the best-of-the-best like the Olympics, is often the difference between going home with a medal and going … Continue reading

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