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How to Practice Good Password Security.

Think for a moment about how much your passwords protect. Facebook, bank account, e-mail… quite a bit right? You don’t want hackers or other crooks getting in. Your password is your bulwark against the scum and villainy of the cyberworld. Passwords, unfortunately, can be cracked. In fact, it is impossible to make a literally uncrackable … Continue reading

How To Fix a User Profile Error in Windows 10.

Yesterday, my wife was trying to log on to her Windows 10 laptop when she received a strange error: “The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.” She could not log in to her normal account, instead being given a temporary guest account for access. Neither logging off nor rebooting the … Continue reading

How To Keep Track of RDP “Inception.”

If you use RDP frequently in your daily work, then you’ve probably faced RDP “Inception” at some point – remote desktop within remote desktop within remote desktop ad nauseam. When you’re in three deep or more, things quickly get confusing. This can be a big problem. For one, it’s annoying. But more importantly, this could … Continue reading

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