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IoT Radio Weak to Telnet Hack; Exposes WiFi Details.

A “web radio” from German firm Telestar has been found to be weak to a simple Telnet hack: Imperial Dabman IoT radios have a weak password vulnerability that could allow a remote attacker to achieve root access to the gadgets’ embedded Linux BusyBox operating system, gaining control over the device. Adversaries can deliver malware, add … Continue reading

9/11 and Communication Technology.

9/11/2001 – a sobering memory. This article from Wired.com is an interesting look back on the communication technology available at the time (Note: the article makes some political statements which I neither endorse nor condemn – the tech aspects are the good reading). The web was still in its awkward adolescence, AOL the world’s dominant … Continue reading

Unsecured AWS Server Leads to Massive Data Breach.

A British travel company fell victim to a data breach exposing records for over a half-million customers: UK-based travel company Teletext Holidays left a trove of its customer data unsecured, exposing 530,000 files including some to 200,000 audio files of calls made by customers. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) server, left unsecured for three years, showed … Continue reading

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