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Head in the Clouds: Cloud Server vs. On-Premise?

As an IT advisor to clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I frequently get asked these questions: What’s the real difference between on-premise servers and cloud servers? Which is better? Which should we be using? These are good questions to ask – but the answers to #2 and #3 are entirely subjective upon the business. … Continue reading

The 4 Thoughts of Highly Secure Users.

When it comes to IT security in the workplace, not all users are on the same page. Some are prepared to defend the integrity of their password to the death; others are ready to license it for appearance on a Goodyear blimp. Which mindset do you think is more conducive to a secure IT environment? … Continue reading

Phishing and the Human Factor.

Phishing remains, despite widespread knowledge and precaution, one of the most prolific and successful of all crooked methods used to gain access to your accounts and/or sensitive data. While many know the risks, far fewer seem to comprehend just how at-risk their organization is from the co-opting of users via phishing scams. Why exactly is … Continue reading

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