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4 More Thoughts of Highly Secure Users.

One of my more popular recent posts was on “The 4 Thoughts of Highly Secure Users”, in which I discuss four aspects of a typical user who has the right mindset in terms of cybersecurity and infosec. Guess what? It’s time for round two. Prepare yourselves for four more thoughts of users who are ready … Continue reading

Solid State Wars: SATA vs. SAS SSD?

Most people know by now about the difference between hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). A classic HDD uses magnetic metal plates and small mechanical devices to read data while an SSD utilizes integrated circuits in the form of flash memory to store data – no moving parts, no magnetic plates. Generally speaking, … Continue reading

Head in the Clouds: Cloud Server vs. On-Premise?

As an IT advisor to clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I frequently get asked these questions: What’s the real difference between on-premise servers and cloud servers? Which is better? Which should we be using? These are good questions to ask – but the answers to #2 and #3 are entirely subjective upon the business. … Continue reading

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