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Azure AD Best Practices: How to Enable Enterprise-State Roaming.

The new computer process is a common pain point in organizations across the world. It always seems like something is forgotten when setting up the new PC, and settings are overlooked. Rather than hit the ground running, users with new computers often seem to spend an hour or more on putting their own preferences back … Continue reading

Azure AD Best Practices: How to Enable Self-Service Password Reset.

Historically in an on-premises Active Directory deployment, users need to call the Help Desk in order to reset their forgotten/lost passwords. With the ease of which MFA can be deployed in Azure AD – thereby allowing us to confirm user identities – we can make the process of resetting a lost or forgotten password much … Continue reading

Office 365 Best Practice: How to Enable Conditional Access MFA.

Microsoft estimates that multifactor authentication (MFA) is capable of preventing 99.9% of all account hakcing attempts. In light of today’s relentless security threats, MFA is critical and can’t be overlooked if you want to be truly secure. Office 365 offers two flavors of MFA at present: Legacy MFA and Conditional Access. Legacy MFA will eventually … Continue reading

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