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5/13 Newsreel: Server Data Breach, Firefox Addon Woes, and Waiting Online at the Bank.

Unsecured server exposes data for 85% of all Panama citizens. https://www.zdnet.com/article/unsecured-server-exposes-data-for-85-percent-of-all-panama-citizens/ An Elasticsearch server left connected to the internet without a password, or firewall protection, has leaked what appears to be personal records and patient information for roughly 85 percent of Panama’s citizens. The leaky server was found online last week by Bob Diachenko, founder and security … Continue reading

The 4 Thoughts of Highly Secure Users.

When it comes to IT security in the workplace, not all users are on the same page. Some are prepared to defend the integrity of their password to the death; others are ready to license it for appearance on a Goodyear blimp. Which mindset do you think is more conducive to a secure IT environment? … Continue reading

5/7 Newsreel: IE into Edge, Virtual Real Estate, and Highly Hackable Habits.

Internet Explorer: The End is Nigh? https://www.computerworld.com/article/3393193/microsoft-will-demote-ie-to-a-mode-inside-edge.html Microsoft yesterday stuck a knife in Internet Explorer (IE) when it announced that the 23-year-old browser would appear as a “mode” within Edge in its new “full-Chromium” incarnation. While the Redmond company did not publish a death notice for IE or even admit to browser-cide, as sure as … Continue reading

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