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Metrics and Measurements: The Do’s and Don’ts.

“Don’t look back.” That’s a popular phrase often used to inspire confidence in your decisions. While that might be good personal advice, it’s terrible business advice. Where business is concerned, the opposite is true: “Look back often.” Looking back is a vital component of the competitive marketplace – someone might be gaining on you, and … Continue reading

Understanding Value: The IT Service Perspective.

One of the greatest economic breakthroughs in history was this: the realization that value is imputed, not intrinsic. This stems from a debate that has gone on for as long as scholars have studied the concepts of trade and production: Does an economic good have value in-and-of-itself, or is value purely based on perception? Put … Continue reading

How to use Global/Parent Tickets Effectively.

Every IT professional knows the scenario: a site goes down or network device fails, and you pick up an inordinate number of tickets for connection failures. What a pain! The inefficient or uninformed IT professional will begin slogging away on each ticket individually. Does this work? Sure. But it’s a huge waste of time and … Continue reading

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