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Protect Your Phone: 5 Mobile Security Tips.

In the wake of the infamous WannaCry ransomware attack, cybersecurity continues to remain under the microscope for concerned organizations across the globe. Everyone is most highly concerned about their computers. But less attention is paid to the threat sitting in your very pocket right now: your mobile phone. Your phone often handles the most sensitive … Continue reading

3 Tips to Prevent Server Patching Disaster.

Server patching is a common task in the IT world. Those of us responding to the WannaCry/Crypt ransomware attack have done a lot of patching over the past few days, drilling the process into our heads. For the most part, the process is simple. However, small mistakes made during the patching process can spiral out … Continue reading

3 Tips for Passing your Network+ Exam.

Two years ago, I passed my CompTIA Network+ certification exam. It was the first tech certification I ever obtained, shortly before exiting the military. Time flies! I’ll be honest: it wasn’t my first attempt. I failed at the quiz once before passing the second time. Failing is never fun, but it did teach me how … Continue reading

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